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30 Egyptian Coffins Dating Back To 3000 Years Count as One of The Most Important Discoveries of the Last 100 Years!

30 wooden made coffins that date back to around 3000 years are found out lately by an Egyptian Archeologist team.

Coffins were located on the west bank of the River Nile in Egypt. Relevant authorities see it as one of the most important discoveries made in the last 100 years.

Mostafa Waziri, who leads the excavation team, told that coffins were present in two layers in a way that 18 of them were placed on the top of the other 12 coffins.

The mummies present in coffins comprise of 5 adult females, 23 adult males, and two children. These coffins are believed to be as old as 1000 years BC when the ruler was of the 22nd pharaonic dynasty.

A priest, out of fear of looters, collected and then hid these coffins.

Two coffins were opened, one belonged to a man, the other to a woman. Genders were identified on the basis of the position of their hands. As per the tradition, they used to bury women with their hands open and men with their hands closed. Both of the mummies were neatly wrapped in cloths and preserved.

According to the ministry, before moving these coffins for restoration to Grand Egyptian Museum which is to be opened next year near to Giza pyramids, coffins shall be examined scientifically.

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