68 Nostalgic Images Of The Greatest Pop Culture Legends In History Shared By Morrison Hotel Gallery

Audrey Hepburn, 1967

Photo: Terry O’Neill

Media is packed with shiny covers and airbrushed images of celebrities we love, but the candid behind-the-scenes images that capture the unpolished truths and honest emotions of these famous faces are what show someone we can actually relate to.

Here is a time travel to the glory days of the greatest pop culture legends of all time. Incredible timeless images captured by utterly talented photographers offer a glimpse into iconic moments of celebrities‘ lives and let us feel like a small part of their intriguing world. Some of them are not with us anymore, others’ fame has vanished, but these vintage images of the biggest names of the last decades hold many memories and make us remember why these people are so special.

Morrison Hotel Gallery has collected thousands of nostalgic images featuring some of the most popular artists and events in history. It is the world’s leading brand for fine art music photography representing over 125 of the greatest music photographers and their archives.

Take the trip down the memory lane through the gallery of some rare pictures from the past you probably haven‘t seen before, to remember and celebrate icons in their golden days.

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David Bowie, The Man Who Fell To Earth, 1975

Photo: Geoff MacCormack

Freddie Mercury & Mick Rock

Photo: Mick Rock

Elton John, The Muppet Show, Elstree Studios, England

Photo: Terry O’Neill

Tina Turner, Paris, 1984

Photo: Bob Gruen

Led Zeppelin In Front Of The Starship, 1973

Photo: Bob Gruen

Amy Winehouse, London, 2004

Photo: Jake Chessum

Bob Marley, Essex House, NYC, 1980

Photo: Ebet Roberts

Paul Newman, Burbank, CA, 1958

Photo: John R. Hamilton

Janis Joplin And Tina Turner At Madison Square Garden, November 27, 1969

Photo: Amalie R. Rothschild

Elizabeth Taylor, Culver City, CA, 2000

Photo: Timothy White

Paul & Linda Mccartney, Cover Of Life Magazine, 1971

Photo: Henry Diltz

David Bowie And Elizabeth Taylor, 1975

Photo: Terry O’Neil

Faye Dunaway, Beverly Hills Hotel, CA, 1977

Photo: Terry O’Neill

Debbie Harry, Late 1970s

Photo: Chris Stein

Yoko Ono And John Lennon, Butterfly Studios, NYC, 1972

Photo: Bob Gruen

Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac At JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, 1978

Photo: Steve Joester

Cher, ‘I’d Rather Believe In You’ Album Cover, 1976

Photo: Norman Seeff

Brigitte Bardot, Cuautla, Mexico, 1964

Photo: John R. Hamilton

David Bowie & Aretha Franklin, Grammy Awards, NYC, 1975

Photo: Bob Gruen

Stevie Wonder, Dance Theater Of Harlem, NYC, 1976

Photo: Allan Tannenbaum

Mick Jagger And John Lennon, Abbey Road Studios, London, 1967

Photo: David Magnus

Cyndi Lauper, 1984

Photo: Richard E. Aaron

David Bowie, “Keep Your ‘Lectric Eye”, 1973

Photo: Masayoshi Sukita

The Jackson 5, Encino, CA, 1974

Photo: John R. Hamilton

Frank Sinatra, Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA, 1956

Photo c/o Frank Sinatra Estate

Cher, 1976

Photo: Norman Seeff

Nirvana, 1993

Photo: Jesse Frohman

Paul Mccartney With Anti-Beatles Button, 1964

Photo c/o The Vincent Vigil Collection

Bob Dylan On Train From Dublin To Belfast, 1966

Photo: Barry Feinstein

Gloria Steinem, Palm Beach, FL, 1971

Photo: Al Satterwhite

The Supremes, 1965

Photo: Art Shay

Jim Morrison, Fantasy Fair, Mill Valley, CA, 1967

Photo: Elaine Mayes

Dolly Parton And Mick Jagger, Bottom Line Concert, May, 1977

Photo: Allan Tannenbaum

Tupac Shakur, New York City, 1993

Photo: Danny Clinch

The Beatles, Filming ‘Help!’ Bahamas, 1965

Photo c/o The Vincent Vigil Collection

Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin, 1970

Photo: Peter Simon

Kate Bush, 1978

Photo: Gered Mankowitz

Billy Idol, Max’s Kansas City, NYC, 1978

Photo: Ebet Roberts

Steve Jobs, Woodside, CA, 1984

Photo: Norman Seeff

Whitney Houston, NYC, 1990

Photo: Timothy White

Yoko Ono, NYC, 1973

Photo: Bob Gruen

Janis Joplin, Hollywood, CA, 1970

Photo: Barry Feinstein

Robert Mapplethorpe And Patti Smith, New York City, 1969

Photo: Norman Seeff

Madonna, 1980

Photo: Mick Rock

Elvis Presley, Miami, FL, 1956

Photo: Charles Trainor

Mick Jagger

Photo: Terry O’Neill

Gregg Allman And Cher, Los Angeles, CA, 1977

Photo: Norman Seeff

Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, 1984

Photo: Lynn Goldsmith

Roger Moore, 1973

Photo: Terry O’Neill

Rod Stewart

Photo: Terry O’Neill

Jay Z, 1988

Photo: Timothy White

Black Sabbath, London, 1973

Photo: Duffy

Lou Reed And Nico, 1975

Photo: Mick Rock

Keith Richards And Patti Hansen, New York, 1981

Photo: Lynn Goldsmith

Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones, 1963

Photo: Terry O’Neill

John Lennon And Yoko Ono, Central Park, NYC, 1980

Photo: Allan Tannenbaum

Liza Minnelli, NYC, 1996

Photo: Timothy White

John Lennon, The Beatles, UK, 1965

Photo: Duffy © Duffy Archive

Boy George, New York City, 1993

Photo: Catherine McGann

Bruce Springsteen, Darkness Cover – Full Frame, 1978

Photo: Frank Stefanko

Sheryl Crow At Her Home Just Outside Nashville, TN

Photo: David McCliste

Jim Morrison, Los Angeles, CA, 1969

Photo: Henry Diltz

Carly Simon, 1981

Photo: Lynn Goldsmith

Michael Jackson And The Jackson 5, 1970

Photo: Lynn Goldsmith

Mick Fleetwood, West Africa, 1981

Photo: Richard E. Aaron

Lana Del Rey, Carson, CA, 2017

Photo: Adam Elmakias

Courtney Love, New York City, 2009

Photo: Clay Patrick McBride

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