A 70 Year Old gamer, Pokemon Enthusiast, is now a celebrity!

At first, Chen San-Yuan became famous when in May, on reddit, his photos went viral. Those photos consisted of Chen playing Pokemon on 6 different phones. Next month, a Taiwan based channel located Chen San-Yuan with all of his set up which now comprised of 9 mobile phones, all having a pokemon game on a go. Even BBC could not resist his popularity and in August, when tracked Chen San-yuan, his phones were now increased up to 11.

Chen San-Yuan is a 70 years old grandfather. He shares that at first his grandson instructed him and taught him how to play the game. Since then he has been addicted to go pokemon. Chen tells that he has made a lot of friends while playing this game. It makes his mind active and sharp and he does not need any exercise anymore. In game purchases, he spends around $1,290 each month. Chen San-Yuan is now a celebrity in Taipei.

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