A Beginners Guide For Body Sculpting

sculpting the body

Weight training, strength training and resistance training are the names used for body sculpting. It is a form of exercise in which body muscles are stressed by using one’s own body weight or external weight or resistance. End product of body sculpting is perfectly shaped and toned muscles. It also helps you in getting your body into a proper shape. Besides this, your body also gets toned and loses excessive weight. Sculpting the body involve simple exercises and very less equipment. Both, men and women, can equally benefit themselves through body sculpting. Lean muscle mass and strength is visibly enhanced. When lean muscle mass is increased, rate of metabolism is also catalyzed, as a result of which, more calories are burnt through every activity you perform. Moreover, bones and joints gets stronger via body sculpting.

Initials for a beginner:

You are a complete beginner if you have not done any exercise before. Before you get yourself into body sculpting, make sure your doctor gives you a green signal. You will also be considered a beginner, if you had any surgery or have been injured. In both these cases, you would have lost your range of motion and strength and will be looking forward to regain all the lost ingredients. Same condition is applicable on post-natal women. And if you have never gone for body sculpting even being a cardio person, then you too are a beginner.

Equipment necessary for exercises:

Not a lot of equipment is required in body sculpting if you are a beginner. Initially, you will need a set of resistance bands or hand weights which are heavy enough to give you a challenge. If you do not have access to this stuff, do not worry. Go to your kitchen and find used cans or filled gallon jugs. If you are planning on doing exercises at home then you will need a mat or a carpeted floor. Mirror is equally also important as it helps you in checking out and maintaining your body positions. A physio ball or an exercise ball also seems helpful for beginners. While selecting these balls, you must keep in mind your height and body weight so that every possible injury and improper form is prevented. Taking help from videos based on exercise demonstrations is also encouraged.

Spots for doing exercises:

Body sculpting can be done at various spots. You may do it at home or you may join a gym. It can also be performed at outdoor spots by using park benches. Front steps of home and curb in the driveways can also be utilized. One more option is a fitness center. Fitness center gives you access to modern machines which are specifically designed for beginners which are more reliable than free weights. You may also get a personal trainer and a lot of professional tips.

Frequency of exercises:

If you are a beginner who has just started full body sculpting, then you need to perform exercises for about 3 to 4 times per week. In the start, muscles get micro-tears when weights are lifted. In such condition, a minimum span of at least 24 hours is required for muscle recovery. It is this process of muscle recovery which actually makes muscles stronger. Select your exercise days in such way that no consecutive days are allotted to exercise. You may choose Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This schedule will give your muscles 24 hours to recover and relax.

Important exercises:

Exercises for beginners comprise of all the exercises and actions which target all the muscles present in body either at the single joints ( bicep curl) or at the multiple joints (squats, push-ups). You must do sets ranging from one or two in at least 10 to 15 repetitions (reps).

In order to perform squats, sit back on your knees in such a position that they do not go past your toes. An exercise ball can also be placed between the small of your back and a wall. Squats must be performed while holding weights in the hands.

Take a step forward engaging one foot and lowering your body by giving a bend on both knees in such a way that a right angle (90º) is formed. This position is essential for performing lunges or split squats.

Lie on your back for sake of performing a fine bridge. Give a push up through your heels while raising hips and squeezing but at the same moment. Also make sure that your abs are completely involved in the action.

Keep your hands on the underside of shoulders and your feet must be hip-width apart. This is important if you want to go for a good push up. Your abs must be tight and stretched and your shoulders must be away from ears. If you find it essential, you may also perform push-ups against wall or on your knees.

As you take your arms to the side, do a bit of lateral shoulder raises, by maintaining a slight bend in the elbow part. While performing this exercise, your shoulders must not be hunched.

Avoid swinging arms when you are doing extension of triceps or curls. If you are entirely depending on momentum for lifting up your weight then you probably are cheating upon yourself. You may also use lighter weight if you find it mandatory.

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