A Family with its 4 Years Old Son, Hits the Road!

A family, comprising of husband, wife and son, belonging from Austria took an exciting decision. They sold out all their household stuff and belongings and converted a military truck into their home. Family shared that they were tired of monotonous routine and mechanical life and therefore, took this decision to spend some quality time with each other. In particular, they wanted to make their son aware of the beauty, versatility and uniqueness of the mother Earth and show him the world as a whole. Travelling is what attracted them, so they set off on a long term journey.

Such tours, though romantic and appealing, demand a lot of organization, legal documentation, information, finance and courage to tackle all sorts of problems waiting ahead.

Family shares that this kind of tour in one truck could be frustrating and annoying on one hand and full of adventure and thrill on the other hand. Travelling makes people rich in their memories and let them develop a connection with nature and landscapes. They have been driving for past two years and have been through 24 countries heading to their final destination which is Australia.

Different stories representing their entire life span of 2 year travelling could be seen in the photos.

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  1. Amazing story. I was watching on YouTube lately about some people doing the same, travelling the world after they sold their house, left their jobs and they decided to go without to look back at their old life. Now I just read your article and I am actually amazed how much bravery you need to actually do that. I am a photographer and I am dreaming for years to do it but there are things holding me back. Maybe one day my dreams will become true as that family from your story. Amazed. And stunning pictures as well taken on their journey.
    We have to remember one thing: we only have a life and just one. Every day is gone and will never come back. Our little planet is amazing and we should take the chance to just do it. Thank you for sharing it with us

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