A Funny Conversation on Facebook between Police Department and a WANTED criminal:

Wanted criminal statuses have always been posted on different sites to make public aware of such people. With the growing technology, Facebook, twitter and other social websites are used by police sheriff departments to update people of different issues. Recently, one such post went viral because of that fact the fugitive himself commented under the post.

In Richland, police department posted a wanted request regarding a man called Anthony Akers who is 38 years old, under the charges of failure to comply. This was a routine activity and nobody expected any different outcome. But something exceptional happened, when Anthony was the first to comment, “Calm down, I’m going to turn myself in”. Police kept waiting and further replied that if Anthony finds any transportation issue, he may call them for a ride. In turn, Anthony told that he has some important issues to resolve before he goes to jail for a month. Conversation went interesting and at last Anthony fulfilled his commitment, he went to police station and turned himself in. People enjoyed whole scenario and concluded that a cop-criminal relationship is not always hard and bad.

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