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A Make-up Artist with Her Amazing Transformations into DARK CHARACTERS

Joyce Spakman mentioned a make-up artist who belongs to Netherlands. She started playing with make-up at the age of 14. First works comprised of doodles on her arms. She didn’t have any idea that the proper studies about make-up exists, when one of her teachers told and she immediately got herself enrolled in the subject.

She studied makeup theatre studies for three years at the age of 18 years in Amsterdam. She loved those years as the studies related to makeup theatre polished her own makeup skills and she learned new techniques of applying makeup that resulted in a great progress.

She took inspiration from Miss G Designs and also started to work on her own hand made head dresses. She shared that it all started from school where she always wanted her characters to be perfect. Therefore, she used to make head dresses which were cheap but looked great on camera. This proves that she was talented since ever and was also creative and innovative.

She initiated different workshops on makeup and head dresses when she was in third year of her studies. Now after 12 years, she has become an awesome freelance make-up artist. Her favorite working spots are events and festivals of all sorts which include make-up creativity. Now she conducts workshops and masterclasses in Netherlands. She owns workshop place and an extensive range of stuff. Most of the time she spends on eBay. From styling to make-up, she loves to do everything completely. The projects, though, take a lot of time, could be around 2 months. All her designs originated from a mere scratch.

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