A Secret Battle Exposed by the Lens of Irenaeus Herok

Nature vs man is a constant battle which is always going on but is not visible most of the times. But this battle in United Arab Emirates has been beautifully captured by an Australian photographer Irenaeus Herok. His fantasized and revelatory images taken from an elevated position, intensely portray how easily a sand storm can overtake broad highways in United Arab Emirates. In an unnoticeable span of time, a huge barren and marooned valley of sand was converted into a highly advanced metropolitan city attracting the people across the globe.

Basically, Irenaeus Herok belongs to Australia. But the nature of his work demands travelling. So he keeps on visiting many ancient and aloof places for sake of capturing them and letting world know of their presence. His major includes fine arts and designing and his expertise are in Portraiture Photography and Landscape. Herok seeks his inspiration from cinema along with remote master paintings. His work, based on both conventional and modern aspects, has been published in highly recognized magazines like Don’t Take Pictures, Vice, New Scientist Vanity Fair, The Guardian, 212 Magazine, Spiegel, New Scientist and Travel Book. Photographs taken by Irenaeus Herok are filled with aesthetics and intensity.


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