All Stages Of Abscess Tooth

What is Tooth Abscess?

abcess tooth

Abscess tooth is a condition in which a cavity is caused by tissue destruction, usually because of infection, filled with pus and surrounded by inflamed tissue. This condition was first attested in the middle of 16thcentury. Human teeth are the structures made up of hard calcified deposits. They are essentials in eating, drinking and communicating.

Layers of Tooth

Each tooth has three basic layers.

  1. Pulp:

It is an innermost layer which comprises of pulp cells, nerves and blood vessels.

  1. Dentin:

A layer formed by the hard deposits of calcium which provides structure and security to the tooth.

  1. Enamel:

A hard structure which ensures the safety of tooth.

Stages of Tooth Abscess

Abscess tooth begins from tooth infection and at its severity, could be life threatening. It consists of various stages of production, development and progression.

  • Decay of Tooth

The very first thing which initiates tooth abscess is the start of tooth decay. When the surface of tooth is repeatedly exposed to either sugar or acid, tooth decay begins. Plaque is generated on the tooth when bacteria assembles there. Bacteria, thus, eats away the tooth enamel and as a result a cavity is formed. Once bacteria invade cavity, they keep on secreting products which are acid in nature. That acid, then, penetrates deep down into cavity and reach dentin layer. After the dentin part has been possessed, decaying of tooth happens at a rapid pace and ultimately reached the interior part of tooth. Tooth abscess starts as soon as bacteria eats away dentin and penetrates pulp. Ohio State Medical Center suggests that up till this stage, tooth abscess can be treated via root canal.

  • Pulp Infection

When decay spreads and bacteria enters the tooth pulp, the pulp is infected and becomes highly inflamed. Gradually, the nerves associated with tooth pulp begin to die. Injured nerves induce a severe pain. Patients facing this stage also experience potential sensitivity towards hot, cold and sugar. When immune system fights infection, more inflammation is generated. As a result of immune system’s attack, pus is produced. Pus is a white liquid which is made up of white blood cells, bacteria and dead cells. Pus places pressure on neighboring structures when it starts to builds up around the dying root. As a result of it, surrounding area experiences toothache, swelling and in general tooth abscess. In some cases, treatment at this stage may be done through root canal therapy whereas in the other cases, tooth extraction is the only left option.

How infection is spread?

In the later stage of abscessed tooth, infection spreads to other teeth. Roots of infected tooth acts as the root cause in spreading of infection. From the root, infection spreads to the neighboring structures and covers them all. It attacks the bone which supports and holds the tooth, named as alveolar bone. Bone is lost as a result of bone tissue being eaten by the abscess which in turn results in the lost infected tooth. Affected tooth can also be extracted and removed if the loss of bone around the tooth area is noteworthy. If you ignore this condition and take it for granted, then the after coming stages of tooth abscess might turn into a highly serious infection which may prove fatal. According to the research made at Howard University, infection spreads to brain via spreading along the jaw bone and once infection reaches brain, it is deadly.

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