Away From The Noisy World into a Serene Land: New York Times Come Up With This Immersive 360 Video

Enjoy this virtual journey away from this noisy world to one of the Earth’s last corners where you can feel true quietness. “Sanctuaries of Silence” takes you to state of Washington’s Hoh Rain Forest. Directors Adam Loften and Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee are seen following ecologist Gordon Hempton in this worth watching 360 video. They keenly explore the wet moss and the silence of this serene place.

Previously, “Vanishing Island” of Vaughan-Lee took us to similar place called Louisiana’s Isle de Jean Charles which is facing threats by modernity.

However, in “Sanctuaries of Silence” the thing that is endangered is not the place rather our instinct to come across the natural world in its true form. As Hempton says, “Silence isn’t the absence of something, but the presence of everything.”

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