Benefits of Coconut Oil

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Fatty acids, which moisturize and nourish scalp and hair, are abundantly present in coconut oil. The Polynesian Cultural Center in Oahu, Hawaii, tells that ancient Polynesian culture used to apply extra virgin coconut oil as a beauty product and even today, they do so. In 1999, a research was published in “Journal of Cosmetic Science” which stated that application of hair coconut oil in the scalp minimizes hair breakage. According to another study, published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science in 2005, coconut oil penetrates and travels deep down into the hair roots in a better way than other common hair products like hair conditioners and mineral oils. A book, “Coconut Oil: Amazing Health, Skin and Cooking Benefits” by Gene Ashburner, tells about the benefits of coconut oil. The book tells that coconut oil is not only a proper moisturizer for scalp and hair but it also acts as a natural remedy for fighting frizz, dandruff and for preventing and eradicating lice. Moreover, hair coconut oil also initiates hair growth.

Besides this, coconut oil is highly effective for removing chewing gum from hair. Scalp health also gets improved if you apply hair coconut oil. When scalp is healthy, your hair grow thicker and shiny and silky. But one thing must be kept in mind that coconut oil has nothing to do with the treatment of underneath causes of hair oil or baldness related to dihydrotestosterone. However it is effective in comforting cradle cap, which is an issue commonly found in babies. Coconut oil also has anti-bacterial characteristics which may shed off folliculitis (an infection of hair follicles). Fungal infections like ringworm of scalp can also be treated with hair coconut oil. You can use this amazingly scented oil as a hair conditioner at home in place of expensive hair products and deep-conditioning salon treatments.

How to Apply Coconut Oil to Hair


Step # 1:

Use this method if you want to heat up coconut oil in an appropriate manner. Quality of coconut can be destroyed and exploited if you heat in a microwave or in a pan. Its essential nutrients are degraded in this way. Take a small bowl and put 1 cup of hot water in it.

Step # 2:

Take a clean tea-spoon and a glass cup. Take out 2 tea spoons of coconut oil from the jar and put it in a glass cup. The oil you use must be extra virgin. Also make sure that it is organic as well as sustainably harvested.

Step # 3:

Take a bowl of warm water and place a cup of coconut oil in it. Wait until the coconut oil has been melted completely. At cold temperature, coconut oil is found in solid state but as soon as the temperature reaches 70º F or above, coconut oil starts melting quickly.

Step # 4:

Thoroughly massage your scalp with coconut oil in such a way that it covers all of your hair. You may need additional coconut oil if your hair are long. According coconut oil on rough and dry hair ends. Spreading of coconut oil in damp hair is quite efficient.

Step # 5:

Comb your hair properly so that the oil may be distributed evenly among all hair. Also be sure to massage hair so that the coconut oil may reach deep ends of root. This provides speedy hair growth and scalp health. On the contrary, if you have an oily scalp and only want proper conditioning for hair, than apply coconut oil till the mid-shaft i.e. few inches above from scalp.

Step # 6:

Take out your shower cap. Tuck all your hairs completely in that shower cap. Oil must remain in your hair for at least 30 minutes. If you leave oil more longer time, hair will get conditioned in a better way. For best results, you may leave it overnight.

Step # 7:

Apply shampoo on your hair and wash it down. If there is still some oil present in hair then shampoo it again. Washing hair with warm water helps in complete removal of oil from hair.

Step # 8:

Take a pea sized quantity of coconut oil. Place it on your hand and grind it by rubbing your both palms together. Then, apply it lightly and thoroughly in your hair. Make sure the oil reaches the extreme ends of your hair in scalp. For extra conditioning, keep massaging lightly. If your hair are already in good health and does not need extra conditioning then you may skip this step. Pin up your hair as you do normally.

List of things you will need:

  • Small bowl
  • Comb
  • Glass cup
  • Shower cap

Bonus Tip:

To get extra ordinary result, use extra virgin coconut oil. Unrefined and pure coconut does not have any chemical processing. When processed with chemicals, the oil loses its valuable and natural ingredients. This unrefined coconut oil is also available at stores in solid form. You can also buy unrefined and pure coconut oil for the purpose of adding it to food or cosmetics. To give oil an appealing scent, you may add one drop of your favorite oil into coconut oil. Honeysuckle oil and jasmine oil are highly suitable to be mixed with coconut oil. After that, you may apply it on your hair.

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