Best Treatment for Hemmoroids

Treatment for Hemmoroids

Swollen veins in the lowest part of rectum or anus are called hemorrhoids. Swollen hemorrhoids are also named as piles. In some cases, these blood vessels are stretched so thin that they bulge. And in extreme cases these veins start to bleed as well. This worst condition causes a lot of pain, uneasiness, discomfort and anguish. As a result of this, person is unable to sit for quite long time. Even the process of defecation becomes intensely painful. Cause of hemorrhoids may be counted as extreme level of pressure and stress in the area around rectum. This may be induced because of either obesity (over weightiness) or pregnancy in females. Hemorrhoids are not very dangerous and there is nothing to worry about them but it does not mean that you take this condition for granted. Proper treatment for hemorrhoids is available and you must avail it as soon as possible. Follow the following treatment for Hemmoioids.

First Step:

In order to put a stop on hemorrhoid bleeding, apply cold packs on the affected area. Application of this will also comfort irritation and pain. Cooling effect will restrict the blood vessels and as a result they will shrink down. Besides making bleeding stoppable, cold packs also catalyze the healing process of hemorrhoids.

Second Step:

Similar effect as that of cold packs can also be gained by soaking rectal area in warm sitz bath. It reduces the size of hemorrhoids and also lessens irritation and pain. Sitz bath is a hydrotherapy. It involves sitting in a warm water bath with water level above the hips.

Third Step:

Pain, swelling, anguish, discomfort and irritation could also be lessened by the use of an over-the-counter anti-hemorrhoid cream as recommended by It is beneficial as hydrocortisone is present in Anti-hemorrhoid creams which is effective in the shrinkage of swollen hemorrhoids. It is also helpful in blocking rectal bleeding.

Fourth Step:

Try not to put excessive pressure on your rectal area. So, lie on the other side to avoid putting pressure. As hemorrhoids will not face a lot of pressure, therefore, swelling may be reduced this way. Pain associated with swollen blood vessels can be lessened as well. To sum it all, resting can speed up the healing process and span.

Fifth Step: says that the immediate decrease in inflammation and swelling of hemorrhoids happens by the use of cortisone enema. These kinds of enemas are generally prescribed and recommended by doctors. Most of the times, enemas are suggested when a patient faces lots of bleeding from hemorrhoids.

Sixth Step:

Toilet paper must not be used after the process of excretion. Avoiding toilet paper will lessen irritation around the rectal area. For the purpose of cleaning rectum, prefer using a cool wash cloth instead of hard toilet paper.

List of things you will need:

  • Cold Packs
  • Cortisone enema
  • Anti-hemorrhoid cream
  • Clean and Cool washcloth


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