Britt Marie Bye and her love for abandoned houses

A Norwegian photographer namely Britt Marie Bye is widely known for her clicks of isolated houses. From few years she has been searching, exploring and discovering the Arctic region of Norway. Her focus rests on capturing the houses that has been abandoned over long periods. Britt finds satisfaction and peace while visiting such isolated places.

Britt shares that she fully admired always changing weather and attractive sceneries surrounding the lone houses. She moved to the north after selling her flat. Britt confessed that selling everything and moving to a completely different place which held a lot of challenges was not an easy task to perform, but she determined and today, when she look back, she does not regret her decision.

Britt Marie Bye expresses her thoughts by stating, “The reward of being able to spend my free time exploring these beautiful surroundings, and share the stories of these long-forgotten houses, makes this decision the right one”.

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