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Charming Cat Ladders in a Swiss City Captured by A Photographer. Take a LOOK!

Imagine being a cat living on a sixth floor with your owners and craving to hang out with other fellow cats. You shall be stuck at your apartment until the owner takes you out.

To help out pets, especially cats, people have built climbing aids at the outside of their apartments that go down to the floor. These cat ladders allow fellow cats to go out whenever they want and satisfy their wanderlust.

These handmade cat ladders are architecturally fascinating and eclectic. Brigitte Schuster, a writer as well as a graphic designer, aims to document these charming ladders appropriately. She had previously witnessed these ladders in her own country Germany, but as she moved to Bern, Switzerland sex years ago, she came to know how famous these ladders were.

For more details, visit: Brigitte SchusterSwiss Cat Ladders, atlasobscura

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