Comics Depicting Jimmy, A very Enthusiastic Literalist Mobster!

An artist and a graphic designer from Lithuania uses vector graphics to create hilarious comics. His most popular comic is a Literalist Mobster Jimmy who is a mobster and does his job in an extra ordinary manner. He took inspiration from different gangster based TV series and movies and came up with his own web comic. Up till now, 12 episodes of this comics have been generated.

Jimmy is highly intelligent and genius mobster who works for a big network of criminal organization. He takes direct orders from boss but accomplishes them in his own style. Jimmy takes orders too seriously and does EXACTLY the same as uttered by the boss. He is not afraid of challenges or difficult tasks. Very seldom, he comes across some weird situations but handles them with his intelligent mind.

These comics comprises of strong content, contextual meanings and sometimes black humor as well, therefore, mature readers are welcome to come across these comics.

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