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Deepfake Technology and 20 Celebrity Voices, Check Out What It Is!

“Pity the Poor Impressionist” poem is recited by a remarkable impressionist and actor Jim Meskimen in 20 celebrity voices. He takes help of SHAMOOK who transforms Jim’s face into each celebrity as he sings in their voice with the help of deepfake technology. Ending is really incongruous.

John Malkovich
Colin Firth
Robert Deniro
Tommy Lee Jones
Nick Offerman
George Clooney
Christopher Walken
Anthony Hopkins
Dr. Phil
Nicholas Cage
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Morgan Freeman
Bryan Cranston
Christoph Waltz
Joe Pesci
Jack Nicholson
George W. Bush
Ian McKellen
Ron Howard
Robin Williams


Pity The Poor Impressionist
By Jim Meskimen ©2016

Is anything more sad and lame
contemptible, beneath disdain,
In short, provoking of disgust
than being an impressionist?

A third rate, even fourth rate skill,
the definition of “cheap thrill”.
Like watching farm equipment rust
is watching an impressionist.

A relic from a distant day
that long since should died away,
dishonorably mentioned is
the pitiful impressionist.

Weird, and somewhat ostentacious
tired debris from old Las Vegas,
whose former fans have all dismissed
allegiance to impressionists.

How many opportunities
passed up and wasted because he’s
Hell-bound to follow what he must?
Pity the poor impressionist.

Doomed to live an abject failure
dogged by his own echolalia.
Better to crumble into dust
than live as an impressionist.

His borrowed voices can’t deflect
a life of well-deserved neglect.
His name’s on simply no one’s lips;
forgotten, vain impressionist.

That sound–did anybody moan?
That creature at the microphone
is last on everybody’s list;
forgettable impressionist.

When Peter at that shiny gate
condemns those souls who imitate
he will but shake a heavenly fist
and curse condemned impressionists.

But ’til that time we’ll tolerate
the good for nothing reprobate,
and hide the truth: that we’re just pissed
that WE can’t be impressionists!

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