Dogs get Best Stylists and Groomers from Japan, Before and After looks are amazing

A photo series named, “HAIRY”, by an animal photographer Grace Chon shows the transformation of dogs after haircut. Grace John shares that he always finds the grooming of dogs very amusing. Most of the times, after seeing before and after looks, it becomes difficult to tell if it’s the same dog. He tells that it took a lot of time for dogs to grow really long and shaggy hair for the photographs. Then after clicking their look, the haircuts done were really uncommon in United States of America.

Style of grooming that was incorporated and adopted was that of Japanese grooming style. It does not follow a breed and has rules different from that of United States. Main purpose is the styling of dog in accordance with a visible enhancement in its beauty. Haircutting is an art in itself. A lot of styling is done with mere strokes of scissors. Groomers and stylists from Los Angeles’s Healthy Spot showed their talent. Majority of them have significant expertise in this regards and have been the students of Masters from Japan.

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