“Elf on the Shelf” on Its Next Level which is Hilarious and Interesting!

Christmas is a season of charm and joy. It brings with itself many different things which are cherished. On such Christmas tradition includes “Elf on the Shelf”. What happens in “Elf of the Shelf” is that a little scout is sent from North Pole to your house and he observes the little children. Scout takes note of the obedient children as well as naughty ones and returns back to North Pole. Scouts could be present in any corner of your house, spying over your little ones.

These kind of games are real fun for children as well as for parents. In some cases, parents came up with highly creative ideas of hiding scouts and placing them in some hilarious scenes. We compiled such funniest moments from “Elf on the Shelf” where parents took the game to a master level.


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