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How Coffee Became Popular in America

Couple of decade ago, coffee in America was just a filtered slush and communal post of acrid. However in recent years coffee has undergone a series of tremendous change, and American society has become a nation of coffee fiends.

Coffee is tremendously becoming popular not only in America but all over the world. If you consider the stat than more than 69% American drink two or more cup of coffee every day. However there is conflict of thought that, from exactly which culture the coffee originated. Some would argue that it was Ethiopia; however, many others believe that it originated from Yemen in 15th century.

However during the trade with Middle Eastern countries in 17th centuries, coffee became widely popular among Dutch, Parisian and Venetians. By the 18th century coffee spread across the New World as revolutionary drink. Many people would drink coffee instead of tea to protest against British clonal taxation. James A. Folger started marketing coffee to California Gold Rush. Now coffee has itself became a business. Startbuck, Mcdonlad and other big chains are eager to capture this mounting venture.

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