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How to Get Rid of Rosacea

How to Get Rid of Rosacea

Rosacea is really common skin condition in fact it frequently diagnosed as adult acne when it is rosacea. Rosacea is basically a dermatological disorder which mainly affects the skin. In the language of medical journals and dermatology, rosacea causes a chronic inflammation on the skin which is visible as a redness on the nose, forehead, cheeks and chin. Word “chronic” refers to a situation which, in present times, is not possible to cure.

Rosacea can present different form like pimple, redness, flushing, blushing and broken capillaries or even enlarge noses. It is very common in fact many famous people do have rosacea like Bill Clinton, Renée Zellweger, Cameron Diaz, Jay Leno and in the United Kingdom Royal family suffers from rosacea. It is also known as ‘Curse of the Celtics’ and more common in Irish or Anglo-Saxon origins. Follow the below tips if you want to know how to get rid of Rosacea. But remember that:

Rosacea can be treated but it cannot be cured

But there is nothing to worry about. Although this condition is yet incurable but there are certain measures which can help in the proper management of this chronic disease. Rosacea could be reduced by incorporating few changes in your lifestyle. In fact, three are different laser to treat it like Vbeam or Pulse Dye Laser which is most famous. However, it is really important that you should try medical methods first to actually treat rosacea and natural ways as well. Those methods are mentioned below:

1) Reduce Your Exposure to the Trigger:

So, the first thing you need to do is to reduce your exposure to flat factors that can trigger your flare-up. This may be stress, heat, alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods and hot drinks. Also, try to break the habit of touching your face unnecessarily, even when it’s itchy. However, you will get temporary relief by touching your face, but it can further irritate your skin.

2) Not All People Have Same Trigger Factors:

Not all people with rosacea have the same triggers factors. As each one is unique, and rosacea is also as unique as you are. Some people may have triggered factors such as stress or exercise, or some people may have even the weird stuff like wasabi that can flares up their rosacea. So, you’ve got to figure out your trigger factors. In winter it’s really important to protect your face with the scarf if you’re living in the cold climate, because cold wind is the number one trigger factor.

3) Use Gentle Skin Care and Anti-Inflammatory Products for Skin.

The whole idea is to actually use calming routine and products which have low chemical like Cetephil or Aveeno cleanser. As, I have mentioned earlier that we are all unique so you have to test which cleanser will suit your face best.  But make sure to use the products which are non-comedogenic, alcohol-free, water-based, and fragrance-free.

The first and foremost sign of rosacea is inflammation. If this is the case then you should avoid all such products which flare up inflammation. Your washroom must not contain any thing which is not manufactured for sensitive skin.

Whenever skin is attacked, the body detects it and induces inflammation. As inflammation is a reaction and defensive action against outside attack therefore it should not arise in response to the skin care products.

Inflammation Inducing Products which you should avoid:

  • Anti-ageing skincare with retinol (vitamin A)
  • High concentrations of exfoliating acids (e.g. glycolic)
  • High concentrations of vitamin C

Anti-Inflammatory Products which you should use:

  • Zinc
  • Allantoin (Ella Baché Baume Allantoin)
  • Niacinamide (asap super b complex)
  • Colloidal oatmeal (First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream)
  • Bisabolol (SkinCeuticals Redness Neutralizer)

You probably come across the promotion of some anti-dandruff shampoos while searching for a rosacea cure. Majority of hair shampoos have a chemical called sodium lauryl sulphate which is not good for sensitive skins. On the other hand, anti-dandruff shampoos have active nature or zinc which is useful in this regard.

An element which has anti-inflammatory nature is Zinc which is helpful in building up a healthy skin flora. In soothing creams, you can enjoy its benefits in the form of Uriage CU–ZN+ Cream and Bioderma Atoderm PO Zinc Intense Soothing Care. Make sure to Read our guide to find out which are the best products for Rosacea treatment.

4) Makeup

Use mineral make-up, because it is better for the skin and it does not irritate the skin. Jane Iredale is best in the market. It will give you decent coverage and it does not feel heavy on the skin. Make sure if you use makeup, pick those that are non-comedogenic, alcohol-free, water-based, and fragrance-free.

5) Rich Intake of Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Things you eat directly affect your physical and mental health. Therefore, specific food can provide a positive impact on certain conditions like rosacea. In many cases, little food can initiate this condition, therefore, it is best to avoid such food which can flare up rosacea.

As rosacea is a disease that causes inflammation so the best way to tackle it is through the use of food which are anti-inflammatory in nature.

Edibles which cause inflammation that you should avoid in diet:

  • Refined Sugar
  • Spicy Food
  • Dairy
  • Alcohol
  • Fried Food

Anti-Inflammatory foods which you should include in your diet:

  • Fatty Fish (Salmon, Mackerel, Tuna)
  • Tomatoes
  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Green Leafy Vegetables
  • Olive Oil

6) Reduce your Facial Exposure to Sun Rays

In Midday, when the heat intensity is very high, sun rays can cause sun burn in only 5 minutes. Sun burn induces inflammation. If you are already a victim of rosacea, there is a high chance of inflammation. Sun burn, in addition, can flare up the inflammatory condition and can make it severe.

Sun burn does not just become visible. You only come to know about it once its effects become prominent. Therefore, you must attain certain measures which reduce sun exposure. For example, you can use such clothing like brimmed hat, sunglasses. Moreover, sun protection creams also suffice.

Depletion of ozone layer has given an inlet to the harmful ultraviolet radiations into the earth’s atmosphere. During daylight, these UV rays directly affect the skin. Even on cloudy days, your skin is vulnerable to UV rays because these rays can even penetrate clouds and can reach the atmosphere.

If you use sun protection throughout the year i.e. 365 days then you can definitely protect your skin against UVB and the chance of inflammation decreases. This is a strategy that is useful for all skin types but people having rosacea are sure to get benefit from this.

So, it is very important that if you are considering Laser treatment choose winter or Spring seasons when UV rays are not so strong.

7) Discuss with your Doctor

If you feel that you have been attacked by rosacea and are a victim of it, then turn to your doctor as soon as possible. Get yourself properly diagnosed. Although, the exact cause of rosacea is yet undiscovered n\and unknown. But there are certain causes which, doctors believe, are responsible for this condition. One of them is SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Growth). If, in a proper medical diagnosis, your doctor detects SIBO as the cause of rosacea, he will be able to come up with a proper treatment and medicine which will help you in the related matter.

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  1. I don’t suffer from rosacea, but I suffer from chronic blushing for around 25 years. I have searched for many things to help me like usually, I search for how to stop blushing there is a lot of ideas out there. Your post is great I have tried a lot of things there as rosacea is similar to my blushing .

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