Zoom In the Portrait and Get an Amazingly Surprise!

Craig Alan, who is an American artist, is recognized for his artwork that is more than a mere painting. Depicting different pop-culture legends, who, at first glance, appears to be made up of small dispersed pixels. On the contrary, when looked closely, it becomes clear that the whole photo is made up by the combination of hundreds of tiny exquisite figures.

He does not start his portraits immediately, but first of all plan each and every tiny figure and spends a lot of time on their detailing and finishing. All those petty figures are shown having unique personalities, faces and even clothes which are microscopic. To add a personal touch, he sometimes add caricatures of his relatives or family members. All the figures when looked as a whole, join to form a beautiful portrait.


Pablo Picasso

John Lennon

Martin Luther King Jr.

Salvador Dali

Muhammad Ali

“Scale of Being”

Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead

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