Is this the sound of shooting laser guns or baby crocs? You need to check it out!

Hang on! You are about to learn the most amazing fact about baby crocodiles. You may not easily digest it but it must be new for you. Cute baby crocs that transform into wild and fierce animals make an adorable sound like babies. Brad Valle from Dragonwood Wildlife Conservancy posted this video. Dragonwood Wildlife Conservancy works for the conservation and protection of reptiles that are declared as endangered species


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Happy friday the thirteenth full harvest moon crazy epic awesomeness!!! To take the chill out of such a frightening and energetical day hahaha I will give u happy smiling babies!!! Not just any babies but some of our #cubancrocodile babies. One of last years clutch! Our interaction is phenomenal it's actually awesome! They follow me and my hand anywhere and just wanna be anywhere I am! It's a great start to a beautiful friday the thirteenth! Have an awesome day and weekend! Be safe be healthy smile and laugh and love a lot! 🐊💖💖🐊🤙!!! #babycrocsrock #crocodiles #reptilesofinstagram #awesome #life #love #reptiles #donate #thedragonwoodconservancy #nonprofit #conservation #conservancy #adorable #babyanimals #crocodilelove

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