Japanese Café Takes a Positive Initiative for Differently-abled People:

Technology has become advanced to a level where robots have been replaced by the waiters. Naulo Restaurant in Nepal, utilizes robotic technology and are taking services of three humanoids called “Gingers”. However, recently, Dawn Ver Beta Café, which was opened in Tokyo, Japan, for took weeks, hired the robots manufactured by Ory Lab. Ory Lab took the Artificial Intelligence to a new productive level.

These robot waiters were operated by critically disabled people who could not move in any case. The only purpose of making such robots was to help such people in giving them a chance to be independent and making their life worth living. 10 employees worked at café. They were suffering from severe diseases like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and spinal problems. All of them were paid 1000 yen i.e. $9, for operating robots from home. Robots were around 4 feet and were called OriHime-D.

With the aid driven from computers, robots were operated. Computer traced the eye moments of differently abled people and decoded them into actions like move, pick up objects, turn etc. it also allowed the robots to converse with the customers. Kentaro Yoshifuji, the Chief Executive Officer of Ory Lab.Inc said, “I want to create a world in which people who can’t move their bodies can work too”.

As suggested by its name, café was only opened temporarily. An effort is being made by its producers in collecting funds so that café could be opened permanently in 2020.

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