Payless, Roasting the Fashion Enthusiasts with its Hilarious Prank

A small prank was inducted by a shoe company called payless. They set their cheap stock of shoes in a store in Saint Monica which was once Armani’s. All the shoes were given some expensive tags. This fake brand was named as Palessi. Fashion lovers seemed very impressed. Huge masses rushed to this highly-fake store and bought expensive shoes. All of the customers seemed highly impressed and satisfied by the quality of shoe wears. The highest sold out was on a pair of snickers. It actually costed $19.99 but a brand conscious person bought them in $640.

This prank foregrounded the mindset of fashion enthusiast with the mere help of price alteration. Palessi raised an amount of $3000 within few hours of its opening. Fashion bureaucrats thoughts they were buying a high brand when in reality they were only having some goods with expensive tags.

But Palessi was not much fake after all. It paid back the money to customers and agave them shoes for free as a gift. This went quite viral and made people reflect upon their fashion and quality judging sense. Palessi made its market move and incorporated the “gotcha moments” of its customers when they were being exposed to the reality of high class shoe wear. ADWEEK payless CMO Sara Couch shared her opinions and said that they successfully reminded people not to mix quality with the price and made them realize that good goodies with reasonable prices could be the fine stuff.

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