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How is rose hip oil beneficial for facial use

Rose Hip Oil Benefits

rose hip oil benefits

There are numerous rose hip oil benefits. Seeds of very fine species of rose namely, Rosa aff. rubiginosa or Rosa moschata, produce an oil called rose hip oil. With the help of a cold-press extraction method, oil is separated from hips and seeds. In order to save it from rancidity, this tender oil is stored in cool atmosphere in some refrigerator or kept at a dark location. Basic ingredients of rose hip oil are:

  • Essential fatty acids
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C and B Carotene
  • Vitamin A

When externally applied on skin, these constituents provide a wide range of benefits, therefore, rose hip oil enjoys a huge significance.

Rose Hip Oil Benefits

1) Rose hip oil: an Anti-Aging agent

Antioxidants present in rose hip oil and because of its capability of seeping down deep into layers of skin make it a perfect anti-aging substance. A highly recognized Cleveland Clinic suggests that production of collagen is catalyzed due to the presence of vitamin C antioxidants. Prominent lines and wrinkles visible on facial skin can also be minimized.

Vitamin A contained by oil possesses molecules which are too small in size. Their size makes it easy for rose hip oil to penetrate into skin. Vitamin A, specifically, is useful in improving moisture level of skin and in removing wrinkles and lines.

2) Protection against Photo-aging

Ultraviolent radiations, coming out of sun, badly damage human skin and also result in photo aging. Damage on the skin could be seen as either wrinkles, spots or discoloration. This damage is tackled by the properties of ingredients that make up rose hip oil. Antioxidant present in oil fights the free radicals which cause skin damage. And vitamin A, when mixed with essential fatty acids of rose hip oil, helps a lot in treating the texture, pigmentation, scars and tone of the skin.

Exposure to sun rays lessens collagen which is tackled, fixed and improved by Vitamin C. facial redness and irritation can also be cured by utilizing the moisturizing abilities of rose hip oil. Because of this merit, rose hip oil is also a best option for treating rosacea.

3) Treatment of scars using rose hip oil

According to CenterChem Inc. scars can be reduced with the help of rose hip seed oil as it contains essential fatty acids. Along with clearing scars, these acids also improve regeneration of skin. Essential fatty acids act as moisturizer, therefore, they are potentially effective in improving skin flexibility and its permeability. Emollients like fatty acids are also deeply beneficial in skin repair. As vitamin A has capability of polishing skin’s texture and its tone, therefore, its addition to rose hip oil would prove to be advantageous.

4) Bonus Tips for using rose hip oil

Rose hip oil is prone to rancidity, hence, shelf life could be enhanced by adding pure vitamin E. Rose hip oil is usually taken as a dry oil. Because of thus characteristic, when applied on skin, rose hip oil gets absorbed into the skin very quickly without leaving any trace of its presence. Rose hip can be applied directly on the face in various ways. You can gently put it over the face and can massage it in circular motion.

It can also be applied according to the skin care recipes. Rose hip oil must be applied two times per day and left until it is completely soaked into the skin. Rose hip oil is not effective against sun burn. Although it prevents and eradicates acne stars, still, it must not be applied directly on the exposed active acne.

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