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“The Doodle Boy” Expelled From School For Doodling Got a Restaurant To Decorate And Enjoys a Huge Online Fan Following!

Joe Whale, a nine-year-old potentially talented boy got expelled from school. Wonder why? Greg, his dad, told that Joe was a brilliant student and he even got placed into a gifted program when he was 4 years old. Equally good in cricket and football but Joe’s passion adhered to drawing. Since school gave a little luxury with respect to drawing so out of frustration he started using whiteboards to pacify his doodling. This offended teachers.

He was then admitted to an after-school art class where Joe polished himself. His teacher, so proud of him, used to upload his artwork on Instagram. It got noticed by a local restaurant that hired Joe for decorating their interior.

As expected, nature favored this little talented boy and “The Doodle Boy”, (as per his Instagram name), now has a huge fan following.

To see more of his masterpieces, visit his website, facebook or instagram!

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