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Top 20 Unhealthy Foods

Food is essential for life. But one must only consume food which is healthy and full of nutrients. Question is how would one get to know if some food is worth eating or worth avoiding? In this regard, a basic knowledge about nutrients and their impact suffices. We have, however, made it easier for you to map out some common and most widely used food items which are unhealthy in nature and should be either avoided or limited. List of 20 unhealthy foods have been delineated below.


1) Diet Products:

Are you weight conscious? Do you try things carrying word “diet” in their names just to avoid extra calories intake? Well, hang on! Such things might lead people into misconceptions. These products can never replace original essence. Most of the diet products have artificial sugars which are more harmful than the white sugar/brown sugar we use at home. Because artificial sweeteners often contain chemicals. One artificial sugar called Aspartame is always a center of debate because few researches predict that it causes heart strokes, weight gain and headaches. Another chemical called Red 3, is believed to develop a bridge between artificial coloring and cancer. Before purchasing diet products, do not forget to read the list of ingredients pasted on its back side.

You think these products prevent you from being fat where in reality they do the opposite. Ask yourself who would be left to buy diet products anymore if they make everybody slim? Fats which are present in edibles give food its original taste. Diet or low-calorie food means that the fat has been removed and substituted by artificial chemicals and colors to balance the taste. So try to avoid diet products and take in original food. Just burn out excessive calories in order to maintain weight.

2) Canned Food:

unhealthy foods

People, in order to avoid going for grocery again and again, purchase edibles which are either tin packed or come in cans. They keep on using them throughout the week or month. But this time-saving and laziness proves to be harmful for health. Do you have any idea for how much time this canned food remains at general stores and grocery centers? And for how much time you further store them in refrigerator?

We are here to tell you some harsh realities. Chemical named BPA is present in almost 10% of tin packed food. It ultimately produce cancer and diabetes causing particles. Moreover, salt content is often very high which induces high blood pressure. Fatal illness named botulism is also found in canned food. This very disease, killed a women and badly effected 28 people in 2015.

3) Flavored Yoghurt:

unhealthy foods

Flavoured yoghurt is often taken as a substitute for ice cream. Ideal option for healthy intake is often considered to be a Greek yoghurt which has a fruit topping. Apparently everything seems okay but wait! This type of yoghurt contains artificial sweeteners from around 15 grams to 30 grams per ounce. So basically, when you consume it, you are actually consuming sacks of sugar and not protein or calcium. Moreover, such yoghurt is processed and natural dairy fats are removed. Instead are replaced artificial ones which are not good for health.

High fructose corn syrup is used to add taste to flavored yoghurt. Therefore, try using natural yoghurt. If you are worried that natural yoghurt may contain probiotic bacteria then you probably are wrong. After fermentation, yoghurt is pasteurized which kills bacteria.

4) Processed potato chips:

unhealthy food

Addicted to packed chips? Enjoy eating bundles of them while studying and traveling? Then we have something you need to know! You might think that the crispy and salty chips you eat are real baked potatoes with additional spices and salts. Sorry, you are wrong! These processed chips not only contain extreme levels of fats but also sodium and lots of calories. Above all, a chemical called acrylamide is formed when potatoes are prepared in an extremely hot oil. This chemical can also be traced in cigarettes. So people, somewhat, get addicted to these and cannot resist eating one packet after another. As a result, consumers develop blood pressure issues and gain weight.

Moreover, the oil, once used, is not thrown or disposed of, rather used again and again for preparing new packs of crispy potato chips without filtering the used oil. More flavor chips have, more level of MSG and artificial items they contain.Do your health a favor, stop eating processed chips and instead try to make organic potato chips at home by yourself.

5) Artificial fruit drinks:

unhealthy foods

Artificial fruit drinks are highly deceptive from the point of view of advertisements which show fresh fruits full of nectar. Whereas in real they should put a huge sack of sugar and fake sweeteners on the display because that’s what is actually contained in the bottles of fruit drinks. Few juices may act as a source of potassium and vitamin C but majority is the hub of sugar almost equal to coke and Pepsi.

On one hand these processed fruit juices claim to be best for kids, on the other hand, the American Academy of Pediatrics told, in 2017, that children must stay away from such artificial drinks because of absolutely zero nutritional value. Dental decay and diabetes can be caused by such type of article juices. So try to get fresh fruits by yourself. Either eat them as a whole or extract their juice at home.

6) French fries:

Now a days French fries have gained more importance than usual and are consumed by people belonging to all age groups during different hours of the day. There is no doubt that French fries taste delicious but there are certain facts which suggest that you must limit the quantity of French fries. With French fries is associated extreme level of sodium chloride, carbohydrates and too many health risks like obesity and high blood pressure.

Acrylamide, like potato chips, can also be found in fries and can cause cancer. One serving of French fries comes packed with more than 8 to 11 grams of fat, 200 calories and 500 mg of salt content. Moreover, before eating they dip them in either ketchup or some other sauce, which adds the harmful impacts.

7) White Bread:

unhealthy foods

As the major portion of our food relies on grains, initially, people were confused about eating different kinds of grains but eventually they figured out. If we take white bread as an example, it is a refined form of grain which does not include germ and bran. If these things are excluded, it means 25% of the protein along with other essential nutrients of grains are also excluded. It does not mean that you should avoid white bread, rather get it in whole grain version.

Bread is made up of wheat which has a protein called gluten in it. People having disease named celiac or people who are sensitive to gluten, do not eat white bread. Such patients can go for white bread which is gluten free.

8) Cereals:

unhealthy foods

Breakfast provides your body fuel which burns throughout the day. But if you eat flavored cereals in any form than it is better that you do not have breakfast. Display and list present on cereals tells that they are full of all kinds of nutrients and even add fruits in their names like “Apple Jacks”, however, in reality, case is opposite. These cereals are no less than refined sugar bombs which nourish cancerous cells.

Some cereals may fulfill the need of whole grains but the damage they cause surpasses it because the sugar levels in all kinds of cereals rest between 41% to 565. Make it a general rule of life that anything which is pre-packed, processed or full of artificial sugars is not worth eating. Instead, do a little effort for sake of your health and try to make breakfast by yourself.

9) Processed Meat:

unhealthy foods

Are you one of those people who just love meat and add it in every food they eat? Do you take bacon in breakfast and do barbeque at weekends? If so, we have something for you that may disappoint you. Researches reveal that processed meat bridges the distance between heart problems and colorectal cancer. BMC Medicine published a report in 2013 which stated that people who consume more than 160 grams of processed meat in a day have 44% chances of saying goodbye to life within the span of 12 years.

Hot dogs, pepperoni, bacon and deli meats are the processed meats which contain sodium nitrite and can trigger cancer. Another research says that people who eat processed meat on daily basis have 67% more chance of developing contracting pancreatic cancer.

If you cannot distance yourself from processed meats, then try to get these from local stores who add minimum unhealthy items.

10) Soda Drinks:

unhealthy foods

Soda drinks have become kind of trendy in the recent past. No movie, travelling or shopping is complete if you are not sipping soda drinks. Different controversies have also risen that such drinks must be banned from school as these are not suitable especially for children. People drink too many bottles of such drinks in one day and have even made soda drinks an essential in their lunch and dinner. To all such people out there, you need to think again!

Soda drinks are nothing but a liquid consisting of wide number of chemicals, sugary sodas (30 to 40 grams), fake sweeteners like aspartame and artificial coloring and zero calories. Aspartame causes dementia and heart strokes. Such items cause obesity, dental problems as well as kidney stones. “American Journal of Public Health” published research in 2007 which states that a link exists between soda drinks and type-2 diabetes.

So keep yourself away from this pile of disease causing drink. Start up with fresh lime water or herbal tea because natural things do not offend your body in any way.

11) Margarine:

unhealthy foods

Advertisements tells that margarine is cholesterol free, however reality is different. It is actually full of detrimental nutrients like trans-fats. It raises cholesterol level which, in turn, effect lining of arteries. Margarine is chemically engineered to make it have a taste and appearance like a butter. Best thing is if you use actual butter extracted directly from cows.

12) Doughnuts:

unhealthy foods

We know you must be obsessed with these creamy, yummy and addictive doughnuts. But we also know that these treats are not good for your health. Are you all ears? Listen up! Doughnuts are nothing except for a mixture consisting of fake flavors, artificial sugars. Processed flour, gigantic traces of trans-fat and small quantity of hydrogenated oil. Wait what? Are you looking for nutrients? Well, doughnuts contain cipher nutrients and absolutely zero vitamins. You yourself can judge how harmful all this could be for your health.

People who eat doughnuts on regular basis, specifically in breakfast, need to be calm about it now. Restrict it to once in a month or get ready to face diseases like obesity, heart attack and abnormal blood pressure.

13) Artificial sugars:

unhealthy foods

Up till now, you would have developed an idea about the side effects caused by artificial sugars. If not! Here we go again.

People, who want to lose weight and avoid natural sugars and go for alternative ways, one of which is to use artificial sweeteners in foods. They, somehow, have misconception that artificial sugars are better. Whereas the reality is opposite. Toxic substances are produced when artificial sugars are broken down in the body. These poisonous particles can then cause anxiety, chronic diseases, obesity, depression, asthma and insomnia. In fact, some researches show that these sweeteners even increase your appetite. Sugary drinks are even worse.

Insulin resistance is driven when lots of sugar is consumed which can start alcoholic fatty liver disease, type 2 diabetes and heart issues. Best solution is that you go for fresh water, tea and soda water. Lime water is the ideal option if you do not want to drink simple water.

14) Canned soup

unhealthy foods

Winters always draw attention of people towards soup. Quite some time is needed for preparing soup. Therefore, people skip the cooking part and instead go for canned soup which comes in packaging. It is often blamed to be too salty and full of extreme salt content. In one cup of condensed soup, 760 mg of sodium can easily be traced. If we talk about one can soup, it has almost 2.5 servings which make up around 1900 mg of salt.

Moreover, Trans-fat and artificial flavors leave negative impact on health. If you value your health and want to stay safe from cholesterol and high blood pressure then skip that part where you buy canned soup and instead purchase ingredient which are required for homemade soup.

15) Refined flour:

unhealthy foods

Flour is considered as a nutrient filled ingredient and is used in almost every other food. But what if the flour does not carry any nutritional value? White refined flour contains absolutely no trace of nutrition and therefore possesses zero calories. Foods like pasta, spaghetti and noodles are made using refined flour. No essential minerals or vitamins are found in it. So do not rely on refined flour for getting nutrition. In fact, try to avoid it as much as you can.

You should go for whole grains like oats, brown rice, whole meals products, barley and quinoa. All these naturally occurring edibles possess essentially required nutrients and make you hale and healthy.

16) Ice cream:

unhealthy foods

Not only children but youngsters, elders and even old people cannot resist eating ice cream. Smooth, juicy and deliciously flavored ice creams are the center of interaction of every other person. Being tasty on one hand, it is also unhealthy on the other one. Most of the commercial ice creams are nothing but a gigantic ball of artificial sugars. It contains extreme levels of fat, saturated fat and lots of calories which are not easy to burn. According to MedlinePlus, high level of saturated fat is the reason which causes heart strokes.

If you eat ice cream as a dessert then you are probably adding insult to injury because those tiny scrumptious toppings add up the number of calories. So value your health, and try to make ice cream at home using healthy ingredients. If you do not have any idea, then we are giving you the one. Freeze few bananas, blend them, add fruit toppings and enjoy your dessert.

17) Pizza

unhealthy foods

Who can resist pizza especially when it has extra cheese topping? It is one of the most widely eaten junk food around the world. It tastes delicious and craving never stops. The only issue is that most of the times, ingredients used for pizzas are unhealthy. Extremely refined flour is used to prepare its dough and meat used is always processed. Moreover, it is enriched with heavy calories. We suggest you that you make homemade pizzas using vegetables and homemade tomato sauce as they are very easy to prepare and healthy to eat.

Salts and MSG are present in toppings like sausage, ham and pepperoni which raises sodium level. In addition to this, cheese also plays its role in enhancing saturated fats.

18) Pastries, Cakes, Cookies and Pancakes

unhealthy foods

Mouth fills with water whenever you see creamy pastries, cakes, delicious pancakes and crispy cookies. All these snacks receive great admiration from people around the world. All these items have high sugar content level and fats. In particular, cake itself is harmful, but when covered with thick coating of cream, situation becomes worse. Frosting used as a topping is made up of hydrogenated oil and sugar only. It causes inflammation.

Similarly, pastries too, are nothing but the amalgam of refined wheat flour, fats and artificial sugars. So try to avoid pastries as much as you can. If we talk about pancakes, then hydrogenated oils are added which keep them stable for shelf. Human hormones are also getting disturbed because of tons of preservatives contained in pancakes. Make pancakes at home. Mash bananas in two eggs. Use maple syrup or honey as topping, prepare it and eat it.

Same is the same with cookies. No healthy nutrients but piles of sugars, refined flour and similar ingredients. Doubt us? Go check yourself! The only solution is to keep a distance from anything which comes packed or processed.

19) Processed cheese:

unhealthy foods

Are you a cheese lover and try to add cheese in every food item? Do you know the other side of processed cheese? Well, we are here to tell you. Anything which is processed can never prove to be healthy. Processed cheese is made up of filler ingredients which are mixed and processed in such a way that they appear and taste like cheese.

Processed cheese causes inflammation so people who suffer from auto immune disorder must beware of it. One serving of processed cheese contains approximately a quarter of the RDA of sodium. Before purchasing cheese, go for its label, check details, and if you are sure that the cheese is real and not processed, buy it and if it is processed, put it back.

Eat regular cheese instead which comes from pasteurized cow milk and contain no chemicals and processing. Its nutritional value levels one glass of milk and is a perfect diet.

20) Microwave popcorn:

unhealthy foods

People, now a days, have developed a bad habit of eating piles of popcorn while watching movie wither at theatres or at home. It appears as if popcorn is an essential part of movie. In order to avoid little hard work and to get things done faster, most of these popcorns are made in microwave.

Lots of trans-fat is contained by famous brands of microwave popcorns. It simply means that you must keep a distance from them and look for something which is good for health. If you value your health, invest a little money in buying an air popper and use it for preparing popcorns. Get non-GMO and organic popcorns from nearby store and add a little coconut or olive oil. In the end, sprinkle pink Himalayan sea salt. This provides not only delicious taste nut also offers antioxidant effects.

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