Work of Arts and Mathematics by Katy Ann Gilmore, giving rise to Optical Illusion:

Just when you think the world cannot be surprising anymore, something far more than surprising hits with its full strength. An artist belonging to Los Angeles, Katy Ann Gilmore, has a unique talent of creating some extra ordinary masterpieces with the mere strokes of lines. It comes with no wonder that her major in studies has been mathematics. Works of Katy Ann appear to be some really astonishing and pretty equations. All her works exhibit perfect geometry and symmetry.

Works of Katy have been displayed in many art galleries of United States since the day she has graduated. Her inspiration comes from topography and 2D relationship, perpendicular planes and their separation into 3D. She amazingly turns some lines drawn in 2D into the work of art that causes optical illusions and viewer is stunned by it. She incorporates some basic principles of mathematics and geometry and draw patterns that trap attention. All the calculations and geometrical angles are drawn with great care in a way that, when seen as a whole, they appear to be some beautiful hallucinations based on arts and mathematics. She is more of an engineer than an artist.

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